Soul Food Thanksgiving

Soul Food Thanksgiving is a digital mini cookbook of classic soul food holiday dishes made using whole food that delivers big flavor. Special care was taken to develop recipes that would produce the traditional holiday dishes, but with the love, flavor, and respect they deserve. 10% of sales will be donated to The Hunger Project. Click on a version below to learn more!

Enhanced Version

Download the enhanced version with links to extra content and a separate grocery shopping list. Download here in PDF or EPUB.

Amazon Kindle Version

Purchase the Amazon Kindle version (simplified) here. No Kindle is necessary! Just the Kindle App for device or Web. 

Taco! Taco! Tex-Mex Kindle Book

Taco! Taco!: Tex-Mex is a hand-drawn Kindle book on cooking tacos for young children, true beginning readers, and anyone who loves tacos!