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  1. Hi!!! Just want to thank you again for you amazing review!!
    Also want to inform you that I am now baking my bread at an ecological bakery in Vinsta and I am now baking with sour dough! The recipe has, of course, had to “change” in order to adapt to new methods, but I have been working very hard in very very close cooperation with my incredible bakers to ensure that the results are even better!! As with all changes, it is not easy….. but I DO hope you will enjoy our new and improved bread and will let me know what you think! The tweaking is still going on…..

    We also have a new taste – organic licorice with sea salt – and will be introducing it at the licorice festival this weekend (lakritsfestival) – hope to see you there!!

    Most sincerely

  2. MissK says:

    Great to hear from you! And really interested in the new developments! We will have to meet for fika soon so I can learn more…

  3. Susan Stewart Broqvist says:

    Hi, just thought I’d let you know that I enjoyed reading through your website. I too am an expat and find it hard to replicate recipes that i love and enjoy. However, after 8 years here I have learned to improvise and have taken advantage of the asian market in our small town (Filipstad) to buy most of my ‘hot’ ingredients. thanks for your help!


  4. MissK says:

    Thanks so much Susan! In a way it is really empowering to own one’s situation and learn to be creative. I appreciate the support and feel free to forward any questions or comments you might have!

  5. Angus mcintosh says:

    Gonna try the Kim chee style herring next week.
    As a Scot married to a Swede living the the Pacific Northwest, I love the traditional picked herring we make every year. Your Kim chee style will be delicious. !!

    Great website and videos !

  6. Please let me know how the herring turns out! Thanks so much for the lovely comments and feel free to forward over any questions or feedback. Really enjoy hearing from people. The New Year will be full, so be sure to keep tabs on the blog! Thanks again!

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