My new Kindle ebook “Not So Vanilla: Easy Recipes to make Leftover Store-Bought Vanilla Ice Cream into Something Extraordinary!”

For those of us who don’t like it too vanilla 😉 Here’s the ‘scoop’:

“Not So Vanilla” By Kendra Valentine Kindle ebook Cover

“So, it’s someone’s birthday and you’ve bought a tub of vanilla ice cream to go with the cake. Afterward, not only do you have leftover ice cream, but you realize that you already had a freezer burnt nearly finished batch already in the fridge from last summer’s blueberry pie.

This has been happening to me for years.

This little inspiration recipe book came through a lot of research trying to find a solution to the never-ending carton of vanilla ice cream. Inside you’ll find some pretty cool ideas to capitalize on leftover ice cream… so much so you might end up buying vanilla ice cream specifically for these recipes. All the recipes and ideas in this book are exclusively simple & easy ways to make that boring vanilla ice cream into something extraordinary. Like most of my recipes and solutions, this book is merely a guide! Let your creativity flow and use what you have on hand. And don’t worry…there are just as many grown & sexy recipes as family-friendly ones…

Included: A free downloadable handy little cheat sheet to put on the fridge… it’s so cute you’ll leave it up even after you’re a vanilla ice cream hacking expert.”

Let me know how you feel about vanilla ice cream and help out the cause at the same time by grabbing a copy for just .99 cents and reviewing the book on Amazon. I’m counting on reviews from the fam so download a copy for some cool ways to shift down to ‘chill’ mode for the summer! Or do it so I will stop with the puns. Your choice.