Soul Food Thanksgiving Cookbook

Officially announcing my first ebook: Soul Food Thanksgiving! It’s a digital cookbook of classic holiday dishes made using whole food that delivers big flavor. These dishes are what I grew up eating from the holidays, and special care was taken to develop recipes that would produce the same food, but with the love, flavor, and respect it deserves. Written to appeal to new and old cooks alike, this digital book contains genuine recipes not to be found anywhere online. I offer context on every technique, a little history, a full shopping list, and measurements in both U.S and metric, so those of you cooking outside the U.S can get down in the kitchen too! 10% of all profits will be donated to The Hunger Project. Below I’ve shared the foreword to the book:

Soul Food Thanksgiving cookbook by Kendra Valentine

Soul Food Thanksgiving cookbook by Kendra Valentine, photo: Claes Helander

I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Despite its troubling origins, I still can’t let go. It’s the one day of the year that my greedy inclinations are championed. The one holiday that isn’t bolstered by commercialism, mountains of obligations, or regret (unless you happen to be a Puritan.) It’s the one American holiday where families genuinely extend invites to those who happen to not have a seat at a table elsewhere. It’s the one holiday where people attempt to get their altruism on and volunteer in soup kitchens. It’s the one holiday where people get together for no reason other than the experience of eating comforting food: together.

For some families, Thanksgiving is the only holiday that they can pull off each year with their heads high. No guilt for not having the money for tons of frivolous gifts or decoration… just a little saving and planning and you can get what you need to make the holiday.

Thanksgiving also happens to be one of the only holidays, specific to the Americas. In these trying times, when your neighbor is getting seemingly further away despite the world getting smaller, it can be the simple things that we all share which remind us we’re united, if only for one day.

I grew up primarily in California, to parents whom were born in raised in the state, however had roots from Louisiana and Tennessee. So, like many black children, I grew up eating southern-style food or more specifically, soul food, alongside the traditional turkey and cranberry sauce. These Thanksgiving soul food classics have over the years amalgamated into an institution all their own. Notwithstanding, for some families these dishes are firmly reserved for the holidays, thus making them that much more special.

Over the years, the distance from the U.S has made my respect for my heritage grow stronger along with my curiosity into its origins. For me, food is the most important piece of my identity as it is one of the few things I have to look to. Thus, I have taken time to lend a heart-heavy hand on creating recipes to recreate the dishes I grew up with, but with all the authentic flavor and culinary respect they deserve.

This cookbook features a full menu of soul food (or Southern) Thanksgiving classics with in-depth & genuine recipes that use whole food and nothing premade. Not only does this provide better results (most often for less money) but it also allows those cooking outside the U.S, like myself, the ability to get down in the kitchen too.

I really hope this little book helps you to deliver all the love and warmth Thanksgiving promises, no matter where you are in this world. 10% of all profits will be donated to The Hunger Project.


The book is available on the blog via Gumroad or on Amazon Kindle.