Classic Halloween Candy with EF On the Go Vlog!

 I’m working with Education First on a series of videos for their brand new ON THE GO with EF YouTube Channel! And since EF is the premiere language learning school, they include some excellent vocabulary words worth knowing for the Halloween season. In this video I give kids around the world the rundown on Halloween night and sample some classic Halloween candy! Which candy did I miss?

Classic Halloween Candy #1

Peanut Butter cups…I t’s a little chocolate cup filled with peanut butter! These bad girls are on the luxury candy list. They are a big favorite… that glittering gold wrapper just catches the eye!


Classic Halloween Candy #2

Mini candy bars… these are really popular for Halloween so cheapos don’t have to give you a regular sized candy bar! I’m Just kidding, you just end getting several of them anyway.


Classic Halloween Candy #3

Tootsie Rolls… I’m not really sure what a Tootsie is, but I like the way they roll! But caution! Iif you have loose teeth, you might want to steer clear of this one… it’s chewy! (Actually, if you have loose teeth you probably shouldn’t be eating candy!)


Classic Halloween Candy #4

Nerds… I really don’t know what it is about these little candies, maybe it’s just so much fun to crunch them between my teeth. The colors don’t matter much, they all taste the same: GOOD.


Classic Halloween Candy #5

Candy Corn… these candies iconic to Halloween, however many Americans dislike them and many, like me, think they are super cute, and just like seeing them in the bottom of my goody bag. And no, they don’t taste like corn…


So that was some classic Halloween candy to get you up to speed for the spooky season! And kids:

Be sure to keep an eye on parents, who say they will hold on to your candy for you, just so they can sneak a few premium pieces for themselves! You have been warned!


Happy Halloween!

Kendra x EF Classic Halloween Candy


Kendra x EF Classic Halloween Candy