Baked Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños

These baked cheese stuffed jalapenos have extra flavor & a garlic twist so you don’t need a special dipping sauce. Jalapeños are the most used chili pepper in America, and jalapeño poppers are one of my favorite things to eat! Great snack for a party or with a nice beer on the weekend.

You’ll need:

  • 10 Jalapeño chili peppers
  • 1 package cream cheese
  • feta cheee
  • marinated garlic (or lightly cooked in oil)
  • crackers (about 2 handfuls, old are fine!)
  • Oil for hands
  • sour cream (optional)

How to:

Tip: When handling fresh chili peppers remember to protect your hands (plastic gloves for hotter peppers!) and avoid touching your face (or privacy!) for a couple hours afterward. The chili oils can linger long after you wash your hands.When I handle Jalepeños, I simply cover my hands with oil to create a protective barrier… this also help the chilies to cook without burning!
First, split jalapeños in half and remove seeds & ribs.

Next, mix together your cheese stuffing: cream cheese, feta, and finely sliced garlic. I like to use marinated garlic, but you can also use fresh. Just slice the fresh garlic and cook for a few second in a little oil on the stove… just to slightly cook it, not brown it.

Reason: I like to add the feta & garlic in order to give all the flavor I need inside of these baked jalapeño poppers, instead of feeling the need to dip in a sauce.

Put you crackers into a plastic bag, and crush. You don’t need to get all the pieces the same size, a few chunks are good.

Now, all you need to do is spoon the cheese stuffing onto the jalapeño slices and then press the stuffed jalapeños onto the cracker crumbs. Lay the finished cheese stuffed Jalapeños on a baking tray, and then bake in the oven on moderate heat for about 20 mins.

Jalapeños are pretty mild when cooked, but if serving to sensitive or young ones, put a little sour cream on the side. No need to have ranch dressing or anything special since you have added nice garlic to the jalapeño poppers already. Keep it simple & let the flavors speak for themselves… you did all that work don’t cover it up in sauce! Enjoy!
Baked Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños