Leftover Glögg Sauce & Pork Loin

Glögg is a classic Swedish mulled wine, or wine sweetened and spiced with Christmas flavors. For some reason, after Christmas my kitchen is left with a ton of Glögg wine that was not drank… so I decided to start cooking with the leftovers. No glögg? Sherry, port, and a host of other wines work as well.

First thing that came to mind was pork loin or ‘fläskytterfile’ in Swedish. Pork goes well with a little sweetness: think pork chops & apple sauce…
So, I’m going to make a simple pork tenderloin, crusted with allspice and peppercorns… and then use the gulag to make a nice sauce for it.


Pan drippings from tenderloin

Glögg (low alcohol preferred)

Dijon mustard

Apple cider vinegar (tiny splash)

Ginger ale

Optional: Agave syrup (or honey)

A dash of salt


How to:

I started with the Glögg on high heat to scrape pan drippings from the pan and then turned the heat to medium high. I added the rest of the ingredients, in about the same order as listed, allowing each one to blend into the sauce before adding the next. Just use a bit of each ingredient, keeping ratios about the same (except the vinegar, just a small splash and the Glögg should be double the amount of the other ingredients combined) You can always taste as you go, and tweak the ingredients to your taste. To finish, I reduced the liquid down, cooking until I had a few spoonfuls of a glossy sauce. Done.