The Bookstore of my Dreams: Omnivore Books on Food


Kendra checking out the selection

Right now, I’m in the throws of working on an exciting children’s book project… yes that’s right! True to form, the book has a cooking theme and hopefully will be the beginning of a great adventure, combining all things I love: Cooking, kids, and media.  A few recent remarks from my illustrator reminded me of my great pilgrimage a couple years ago to the foodie capital of the world: San Francisco. I was sent there to research food and entrepreneurship, and one of the highlights of my stay was visiting the extraordinary bookstore: Omnivore Books on Food.

Photo: Claes Helander

Omnivore Books is a bookstore located in the mission district (The best part of S.F, period) tucked away on the corner’s of Cesar Chavez and Church Street. The bookstore offers “centuries of knowledge on growing, raising, and cooking food” both new and vintage and is the first bookstore of it’s kind I have ever had the pleasure of visiting: And to date, the last.

As soon as I stepped into this little shop, I knew I would be awhile… on my right there was a stack of Alice Water’s “The Art of Simple Food” all SIGNED and ready to take home. This being S.F, I’m sure many a food lover has snagged Waters’ (the Queen of California cuisine) autograph, but for a me this was amazing.



I perused the shelves and shelves of cookbookery (just seems like the right term), and suddenly saw this little vintage treasure: “Modern Swedish Cookbook” by Anna Olsson Coombs printed in 1947! It’s a Swedish woman who moved to the U.S and decided to write a Swedish cookbook adapted for “American women.”

Photo: Claes Helander


Me, being an American woman living in Sweden, thought is was just the right kind of quirky addition to my random cookbook collection. The recipes themselves weren’t the highlight for me, but rather her snappy commentary. I put back the Water’s cookbook and took this book instead (A move I hope not to regret!) Even though it was priced $37.50 more then it was originally priced ($2.50) I still thought it was a good buy.

I look forward to once again visiting my beloved bookstore… and dream of one day having the honor of inviting little food lovers to grab a copy of my book from the shelves. What dreams may come…

Omnivore Books

Kendra looking at Alice Water’s signed book Photo: Claes Helander

Alice Water’s The Art of Simple Food Photo: Claes Helander

Omnivore Books on Food San Francisco Photo: Claes Helander

Omnivore Books on Food San Francisco Photo: Claes Helander