End of Summer Tomato Save: Tomato rubbed Bread #Spain

"Pa amb tomàquet" or Catalan tomato on bread photo by Claes Helander


I recently returned from a week in Barcelona, with a new trick up my sleeve, just in time for the last of my garden tomatoes: Pa amb tomàquet or bread with tomato. A regular in Catalonian cuisine, we came across it at nearly all of our meals in Barcelona, especially  with tapas, as it helps you to temper all those lovely bits of seafood culinaria preserved in olive oil, as well as salty chorizo and other sausages.

Pa amb tomàquet is simply bread with ripe tomato rubbed onto it and then seasoned with a bit of olive oil and salt. Sometimes you can even through in a clove of garlic to add to the mix. Now, when I first got wind of this, I was not overly enthused… it was actually  bit hard to imagine fresh tomato flavor on bread. But, after trying it I was surprised that it gave bread new and fresh edge without being something you had to thin about too much. It does not sound like it had much merit to it, and really it is quite simple, but after mixing this bread into my meal set for a week I realized its a really good option to bring home with me, especially since I can savor the essence of my fresh tomatoes before the winter steals them away!

Although I like the idea of jarring all my summer tomatoes to keep into winter: its just not happening this year. So, for our over ripe picks, I really like the tomato bread option to use them before they go bad. This strategy is working pretty well thus far.

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