The nu Knäckebröd



Deborahs Knäckebröd

Okay, so I have to admit. I am not the biggest fan of Knäckebröd…. For all my none Swedish readers, Knäckebröd is a really hard thin bread (I’d prefer the classify as a category of cracker, but I suppose I don’t have a vote on this one.) It is typically made with mostly rye flour.


Not to say there is anything wrong with it…. I’d actually hope I had some to store in my fall out shelter for the apocalypse, as it stores well forever… its just really hard and more vehicle then delicatess.


Deborahs Knäckebröd

That was until I tried Deborahs Extraknäcke.


This incredibly thin knäckebröd is a bit more on the crisp end of the spectrum… and in my opinion this is the key to its delight. You can just as easily snack on a few right out the bag or dip into hummus.


Not only is it  offered in a great selection of intense flavors… but the knäckebröd itself looks like works of art. This comes as no surprise as the wonderful woman who runs the show (Deborah naturally) is an art gallery owner and teacher. 


Deborahs Knäckebröd: Macadamia & Chili edition! I had to get a few packs for dinner parties (my favorite flavor being the Macadamia nut, rosemary and chili). Of course, I came to this conclusion through a tough tasting process… I couldn’t help myself and opened all the bags I bought on a rampage one day. Its okay though, I wrapped up leftovers… knackbröd stores forever remember?  Although I doubt these will stay on shelf long enough to find out just how long.