I keep it Kosher Stockholm… Kosher Salt that is…

Not a surprise to nearly any cook back stateside but kosher salt, something I consider a kitchen staple, is elusive in the Swedish cupboard.

There is no way of getting around kosher salt for a good brine, it is an absolute necessary in my kitchen, I’ve learned. That’s why I’m thankful for my dear friend Lyota (Owner of www.zuzy.se) who lovingly hauled 3 kilos of Kosher salt from the states to hold me over whilst looking for a supplier.

Kosher Salt!

So what is so special about kosher salt then?

It looks like coarse ground salt, however its actually not cubic crystals, and has a flat platelet shape and is usually manufactured with a grain size larger than table salt grains. Kosher salt also does not have iodine in it.

The traditional use of kosher salt is for removing surface blood and impurities from meat, as part of the koshering process. The meat is covered with a thin layer of salt, then allowed to stand on a rack or board for an hour. Left on longer, the salt starts to percolate through the meat and tenderize while seasoning, hence my love for it.

I really need to find out where my Orthodox Jewish brothers and sisters shop in Sweden… I put an ad out stating “hunting for Jews!” but no one answered…. odd.

2 Responses to I keep it Kosher Stockholm… Kosher Salt that is…

  1. Chris Bevauns says:

    Did you ever find Kosher Salt in Stockholm? My Dad sent me a box from the states but it broke open 🙁

  2. I suggest to save whatever you can from the open box! I never found kosher salt in Stockholm, but if you get a box and use it in conjunction with another course salt and sea salt, yo can stretch the box over a year…

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