Freak A Leek: Don’t let the dirt deter you

Okay okay, I’ll stop trying to make leeks sound sexier then they are, but right now is the season to ‘get your leek on’ (okay last one). I know these guys can be a bit of a pain to store in your kitchen (size does matter in this case) and cleaning takes a careful eye, but my oh my leeks really punch up a simple winter dish. It is hearty enough to withstand long cooking but its flavors do not over power dishes like onion or garlic. What a charmer.


Ready to get my Leek on

Cooked in any style with potatoes alone is enough. Toss in with a white cream sauce and some pasta and your on the road to midweek mischief.  I for one absolutely love green onion/scallion/salladlök , but I now rely on leeks to give me that green onion freshness during the winter as it can stand up to simmering in stews and other dishes.

I really suggest making a nice rustic take on Vichyssoise, (yes, I just threw in some fancy talk for good measure) AKA what I like to call ‘Creamy Potato Soup with leeks’ top with some bacon (plus chive and cheddar) and enjoy.

Potato & Leek Soup w/ Bacon, Chive and Cheddar


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