Ken: Mushroom Bounty Hunter- Swedish Chanterelles

So there I was, on a sunny and crisp fall Sunday afternoon, outfitted in all weather boots about the forage in the woods, not with a riffle hunting game or a pair of handcuffs looking for a fugitive… oh no, those things are far too much for my Swedish lifestyle … instead I get mushrooms.  A Swedish way to assert one’s primal superiority. Chanterelle picking is a sport here.

This sounds like an ideal fall adventure for some, but for me, I pretty much equated such behavior with grim German fairytales and possibly getting poisoned…. Besides, even if I found some mushrooms, whom would certify them organic so I could eat them in bourgeois confidence?  Also, if I do this stuff now, what the hell kind of activities will be left when I’m old?

But I was already ankle deep in the thick of things and there was no turning back… my boyfriend assured me that this would be fun, and something right up my alley, considering I am very interested in how food is cultivated… I suppose we could consider potentially dangerous fungi as food, well only if they happen to be chanterelles or shitake, I like those guys.

Soon after embarking on my adventure I came to two resolutions:

1)   An Afro is not the optimal style for forestry… it being Sunday I took a day off an let my hair go wild…  that’s all and well if your not going into the wild, where every bit of thicket wants to grab onto your fro.

2)   I was kinda setting my self up for a horror story… I was in the forest, with my boyfriend, doing something that wasn’t really necessary, for a thrill.


But I shuck off both the twigs in my hair and the subtle apprehension and decided to manifest some damn chanterelles into this forest. “If you wish it, they will come.” I said outloud, I thought I was being funny… until my happy self ran up on a bunch of chanterelles!  After, that it was on!

mushroom picking

Chanterelles: Nature’s bounty


I went home and made a delish pasta dish…. A ragu with chanterelles, wine, sage and cream over pappadelle…. I am not big on foregoing meat for dinner, but this dish actually makes you for get that’s its vegetarian… and I mean it, I don’t play around with such things, I’m a meat eater 4 life.

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  1. Tina says:

    Why does this have to be the ONLY reballie source? Oh well, gj!

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