Fry Files: Southern Fried Chicken WITH RECIPE

“I like dark meat”

I recently went to visit my American friend for a post birthday girls lunch at her place, and she made us all fried chicken! She added a little cornmeal to the flour, a first for me, and it was great… made the crust a bit harder/crispier…. And you know what happened after that? What else! I ate me some chicken! (yes that was an ethnic colloquial reference) I was ravishing those juicy cuts down to the bone, I’m not going to lie… she awakened the finger licking beast in me! Its been awhile since I had some good southern fried chicken, despite growing up eating it weekly. So after dreaming sweet dreams of fried chicken for the last two days, I had to go at it again in my own kitchen. I am perfecting my technique in search of my perfect preference recipe… getting mighty close! Mu hu ha ha ha

Miss Kendra’s Chicken Fry Technique:

Chicken pieces (with or without skin)
Kosher salt


1. Brine- I usually eyeball it, but about 1 cup/.25L kosher salt to every quart (liter) of cold water. Stir to dissolve. You can use table salt if you absolutely have to, just use half as much.

Place chicken in big bowl or ziploc with brine mixture. Make sure chicken is covered mixture…. I like to quickly smash a couple cloves garlic and through them into the mixture. Let the chicken brine for 30 min. to 2 hours (or no more then 8 hours).

2. Take chicken out of mixture and pat dry thoroughly (extra water= extra pop in ‘yo face when you fry). I would recommend letting the chicken rest in the refrigerator uncovered while you do the next steps… will help take out some moisture.

3. Get a bag with a lot of flour ready, start with about 2 cups (.5L) per pound(.400K) of chicken. Season the flour according to your tastes, be gracious. I like coarse garlic flakes, salt, cayenne pepper, rosemary, black pepper and maybe some Cajun seasoning salt if I’m feeling like taking it old school.

4. Scramble an egg with a dash of water in a separate small bowl… like it spicy? Add some hot sauce…. Or if your frying wings try adding a little honey as well!

5. Turn up the heat on the oil about 1.5 inches high in pan, and heat to medium high. I like to use sunflower oil (rapsolja) or vegetable oil. While waiting, bread your chicken:

Take each piece and coat in flour, then coat in egg mixture, then back into the seasoned flour. Let sit. After all pieces have been coated, shake each piece in the flour once more to get any naked or moist spots. Try to do one, maybe two, pieces at a time, its worth it.

6. Fry in medium high/high heated oil about five minutes, then flip, cook another 5 min, then flip again and cook another 5 min or so until deep golden brown… remember dark meat takes longer then white meat.

Drain on paper towels or rack in a single layer…. Do I have to say what you do next? I got hungry just writing this!

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  1. Adam says:

    I’m here to rave about this recipe too! This is nearly always what I look for in a 5-star recipe – maximum flavour derived from minimum effort – and the effort for this recipe is practically nonexistent. I skillet-toasted some sesame seeds and sprinkled these over the chicken pieces before serving. Steamed rice and oven-roasted brussels sprouts were the yummy others. One thing I might do next time though, if I have a bit more time, is to brown the chicken pieces first – just to get a bit more attractive colour. 

  2. Thanks so much Adam! The sesame seeds are a really nice touch… if you want the chicken a bit more brown, I would recommend adding some ground paprika to the flour 🙂

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