Horse, revisited… (Gustafskorv soup)


GustafsCanellini Soup

Today, I rolled off the couch mid day (yes, today I was a woman of leisure, hump day heyyyyyy!) and waddled over to my refrigerator, thinking to myself  “Damn! I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” and immediately started laughing to myself, why? Because it was comically ironic and if you have read my prior posts you could imagine why: the only meat I had in there was of the horse persuasion!

So I got creative and made this soup… my Swedish counterparts were a bit skeptical, but after a spoonful, I had converted them  (No that was not a kosher joke… okay, now it is). It was a hit! I don’t do recipes, I do guidelines, and it went a little something like this:


>1 cup/200 grams Gustafskorv (cubed)

!!!!Or even a good Chicken and fennel sausage or beef kielbasa!!!!!

<1 cup/.25L Carrots (thin sliced)

½ Can of Cannellini Beans or other white bean

1 large leek or about 1 cup/.25L  (sliced)

If it were winter I would use kale

1 can consommé

You can use broth but consommé has a slight sweetness that calms the smokiness of the meat.

<2 Table Spoons/1/2 DL tomato puree  (optional)

Or any other tomato sauce-like product that is not too acidic

2 table spoons/1/2 DL butter

Croutons on the side (optional)

Very little Thyme!  (Pun intended)

Saute (medium heat) the meat in the butter, wait a few beats then add half the leeks and carrots until it  bubbles and feels right (about 5 min, we are not browning). Add your consommé. Bring to a simmer. (try not to boil, don’t want the sausage to let out too much smoky flavor and get tough or else it might taste like you added liquid smoke to the pot). Add the rest of the leeks, beans, tomato puree,  and thyme.  Simmer about 10 min. Done.

Actually, this is two recipes in one! Try the Chicken fennel sausage and kale version later this winter, (Omit the tomato) since I know only a select few of you get their jollies off thinking about horse soup… Enjoy!





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