Off we go!

Welcome! I’m so glad you came to visit!  Now you may be asking yourself “What the hell is Americulinariska? Why the heck is the name so long? Is this girl über patriotic or just a little crazy?”  Well I can say that I’m 100% American (Just like Obama!) but also a world citizen and my eagerness can certainly be tainted with a  touch of crazy… but it has less to do with the U.S then with embracing one’s roots in relation to the world around them: culinary or otherwise.

Americulinariska has an international focus more then anything (actually I’m based in Sweden and often traveling)… so why not “internationalculinariska”? Well firstly it’s way too damn long, and secondly I think it’s important to look inward just as much as you look outward to the world, otherwise you get too imperialistic and judgmental on what your looking at…. and food is too good for that nonsense!

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