Mama taught me not to pick in public…

So I have my way in my backyard these days… but be woeful with the ones near the ground, you know the cute little worm in the apple? Well apparently strawberries have their own ‘cuties’ that fit perfectly in the little freckles in the berry… almost grossed me off the damn organic wagon!

BUT alas my faith is reinforced by the taste of these glorious berries! Like a slice of sunshine I tell ‘ya!

Picking StrawberriesStrawberries

One thing I can say with PURE certainty is that Swedes generally love love love their berries (most notably Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries) perhaps because in days of old they were a delicate treat only available through natures bounty once the cold dark winters made way for summer. I have never seen so many adults go gaga for a smaka of berry au naturel in my life! It’s the little things in life, right?

Remember how papa used to tell us not to eat the little red berries (and get pissed when we picked them anyways and made a mess of his beautifully procured lawn?) Well apparently Farfar (Swedish for grandpa) doesn’t go ballistic here, kids in Sweden tend to be better acquainted with what can be picked for pleasure… from mushrooms to these little treats: Vinbär (or “Wine berry” for obvious reasons). Reminiscent of those berries papa said would kill you…. “I’m all growned up now and laugh in the face of death! “

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